OpenAthena Core for UAS Terrain-Raycast

Demo screenshot of OpenAthena Desktop, an example program using OpenAthena-Core for sUAS terrain-raycast localization from images

OpenAthena Core is Theta Informatics LLC’s newest product which makes OpenAthena’s terrain-raycast technique available as a portable Java software library. This product is designed and licensed to enable you to integrate the software’s novel terrain-raycast technique into your own firm’s solutions.

The functionalities provided by OpenAthena Core represent a significant capability enhancement for your customers. Compared to the legacy Python version of OpenAthena, OpenAthena Core features:

  • Faster calculation of target coordinates
  • Ability to locate targets any point off-center within the camera’s visual field
  • Compatibility with a wider range of drone makes and models
  • Seamless conversion between EGM96 (height above mean sea level) and WGS84 (height above ellipsoid) vertical datum for significantly improved target calculation accuracy
  • Other accuracy improvements such as lens distortion correction and camera roll angle correction
  • Cursor on Target output for integration with ATAK
  • Ability to parse military DTED Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files in addition to civilian GeoTIFF
  • Automatic DEM downloading and selection

OpenAthena Core is provided to purchasers as a Java software library with full source code under the LGPLv2.1 license. This permissive open source license allows OpenAthena Core to be integrated as a component of your own proprietary solution. It features both a command line interface and Java bindings for seamless integration:

OpenAthena Core command line help text interface
OpenAthena Core example of target calculation output in JSON mode

Additionally: purchasers of OpenAthena-Core are provided a free copy of OpenAthena-Desktop. This is Theta Informatics’ new fully-featured graphical Desktop application which demonstrates the full functionality of OpenAthena-Core.

OpenAthena-Desktop’s source code is provided under the Apache 2.0 open source license, allowing your developers to get up to speed quickly with OpenAthena-Core and integrate it into unprecedented solutions for your customers.

Contact us at to obtain a free evaluation copy for your developers