Theta Informatics LLC

Theta provides free and open source software which allows common drones to spot precise locations.

An abstract concept diagram demonstrating the OpenAthena™️ terrain-raycast technique. A drone obtains its location and orientation from GPS and onboard sensors. The vertical angle of its camera is represented by variable theta. A raycast is performed from the drone's location and orientation towards terrain as represented by a Digital Elevation Model

Theta’s OpenAthena™ software has pioneered the terrain-raycast technique for UAS imagery. Operators may use it to instantly obtain the exact location of any point within drone images.

For any given pixel of an image taken by most common drones, the software is able to accurately simulate a ray from the drone’s camera towards terrain as represented by a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). The point of intersection is the observed target’s location.

The software has applications in agriculture, surveying, land management, environmental monitoring, wildfire detection, search and rescue, disaster response, public safety, law enforcement, and military use.

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