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Theta provides free and open source software called OpenAthena™ that allows common drones to spot precise locations.

An abstract concept diagram demonstrating the OpenAthena™️ terrain-raycast technique. A drone obtains its location and orientation from GPS and onboard sensors. The vertical angle of its camera is represented by variable theta. A raycast is performed from the drone's location and orientation towards terrain as represented by a Digital Elevation Model


About OpenAthena™:

Theta’s OpenAthena software features its novel terrain-raycast technique for processing UAS imagery. You can use it to instantly obtain the exact location of any pixel within any image from your regular off-the-shelf drone.

OpenAthena turns your complex mapping task into a simple, quick action. It uses your drone’s camera view and its location to pinpoint exactly where something is on the ground from just one photo.

Unlike other methods that require many photos and lots of time, OpenAthena does it instantly, saving you time and effort:

OpenAthena is calibrated with over 45 models of DJI, Skydio, Parrot, and Autel Robotics drones, ensuring good accuracy with most common models. Our fully custom geodesy target resolution engine enables more accurate calculation than existing methods. It calculates instantly, from just a single drone image:

The app is built 100% from our source code (no proprietary DJI or Autel SDK dependencies) and digitally signed to ensure integrity and security.

OpenAthena™ is not just software; it’s a revolution across fields like agriculture, search and rescue, environmental protection, and beyond, making critical tasks easier, faster, and more accurate. Whether it’s boosting farm yields, protecting forests from wildfires, or saving lives in emergency situations, our technology is designed to meet diverse needs with unmatched accuracy. What innovative solutions can OpenAthena™ bring to your work?


Don’t hesitate to contact us to explore how this technology can solve your challenges and propel your projects forward.

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